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Nourish Me Whole Heartedly is passionate about living chemical free, getting back to basics and finding an appreciation for what already surrounds us. My name is Candice, the creator of NMWH, and my purpose for bringing this world to you all, is to provide you with the most natural, organic, non GMO, Australian made/owned and EFFECTIVE products out there. I personally aim to live by Nourish Me Whole Heartedly's core principals, which are:
  1. Organic Lifestyle
  2. Your right to live GMO Free
  3. Australian Made
  4. Motivation
  5. Happiness is the key
  6. Love yourself first

With this stance, I have achieved an indulgent sense of glorious wellbeing.  I want you to begin your own self-nourishing journey, feel fantastic, and ultimately REGAIN YOUR TRUE SELF. My beautifully inspiring world Nourish Me Whole Heartedly is here to get you motivated and only with the best products to get you started.

And that's exactly why we stock La Mav!

I know how overwhelming it can seem when changes are to be made to our usual daily habits... Security is found in routine. 
In this post, I wanted to focus on addressing any hesitations regarding skincare, and highlight the importance of moving on from any chemical-laden products you may STILL be using on a daily basis.

La Mav have kindly provided us with a lovely introduction to their company explaining how La Mav came into fruition, its worthy purpose, and the genuine principals by which La Mav was founded. 


What Is La Mav?

La Mav is Australia’s first certified organic skincare company. We are also 100% certified cruelty free and toxic free. We make skincare for every skin concern such as sensitive, dry, oily, redness and many others. La Mav also has a mineral makeup line that is perfect for those looking for makeup that is free from harsh chemicals such as talc, sulphates, and GM ingredients. Many of our customers have switched to using La Mav once they noticed how different their skin felt and how they themselves felt. You would be surprised at the amount of chemicals in your average everyday skincare routine.

How was La Mav Created?

La Mav was developed because of Tarj Mavi. Following the birth of her second child Jay in 1994, Tarj developed a severe case of postpartum pigmentation. She searched everywhere to find a skincare product that would diminish it that was also safe, healthy and effective especially since she was still breast feeding. Her search was in vain and she realized she would have to create her own range. Tarj Mavi has worked as a scientist in the research and development field for the last twenty years and she was aware of the cosmetic industry’s affect on our environment and health. The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and many of the products we use on our skin contain toxic chemicals that are absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. It is not just us who absorb in these toxins but our children who can suffer the effects of exposure through contact. Because of Tarj’s passion for health and her commitment, La Mav was created and has become a leading developer and seller of organic skincare in Australia.

Tarj Mavi:
Founder of La Mav

Why should I buy organic?

In this current age, so much is out of one’s control, however your quality of health is 100% up to you. With everything from our food to our cloths containing harsh chemicals, toxins and even carcinogens, maintaining your health is becoming increasingly difficult. In everyday products many contain parabens, which are synthetic preservatives that can also disrupt normal estrogenic activity and are linked to being a possible carcinogen. Using organic skincare reduces your exposure to these harmful chemicals.

What are some most recommend La Mav products?

Our top selling product would be out certified organic BB crème. Makeup is notoriously known for being full of so many nasties that Tarj quickly realised an organic BB crème would be great for women who are concerned about what they put on their skin. Another product that is a growing favorite is the nectars, specifically the intense moisture nightly repair nectar. The nectars are made to rejuvenate and repair the skin with nutrient rich oils such as Argan and Bisabolo, both that aid in absorption and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Another great aspect of the nectars is their smell! You’ll have to convince yourself to not use the whole bottle!

Want to know more?

For the best of the La Mav top sellers and detailed product information, visit Nourish Me Whole Heartedly's online store. You can read more about Nourish Me Whole Heartedly and the reason we sell what we sell, here.

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