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The Initial “Official” Nourish Me Whole Heartedly Website Photo Shoot (with Penny from Portraits by Paj)

The Purpose Behind it All:

It’s been a wild ride here at Nourish Me Whole Heartedly over the past 12 months. I’ve been working away like a busy bee on the ‘bibs and bobs’ that I can manage to fit in amongst my other daily duties.

It’s been a passion of mine for some time… Wanting to share with the world my journey to better health. I have this urge of duty to communicate my knowledge, to share with you my tried and tested methods for improving one’s general wellbeing, and to expose my trials and tribulations as I discover and undertake the many new and changing wellness trends. As an everyday person, I am free to give my honest opinion on what works for me and what doesn’t – that is my advantage – the freedom to praise or dismiss without having to conform to a particular school of nutritional thought. I am not a health professional, and therefore I am not confined to a set of principals of what should and shouldn’t be. I am an everyday person trying to improve my health however I can with what I know, what I teach myself, what I come across in my own research, and what is presented to me during my quest to ‘do it myself’.

So now you know why I created my beautiful sanctuary  “Nourish Me Whole Heartedly”.

So far, I have experienced many chapters of what will become a very loooooong and satisfying novel (that’s the aim), and in particular, one chapter has proved to be extremely enjoyable and rather amusing at the very least! This will be a chapter to remember when I look back on it all.

I call this chapter: “The Initial Official Nourish Me Whole Heartedly Photo Shoot”

While creating the design and content of my website, I had an exact vision of what I wanted to see and what I wanted my audience to feel. While they browsed this virtual world of mine, I needed to effectively portray both who I was, as well as my motivation to help others to be proactive with their health. Anyone can feel beautiful when they are healthy… I figured that perhaps I could surround them with a beautiful environment (my website) to instill a snippet of that beauty before they took that first step. It’s a cycle of: (1) Getting healthy (2) Feeling beautiful, (3) Getting more healthy and (4) Feeling more beautiful, and so on! A ‘ripple effect’ with a wonderful purpose!

So to create this vision, I needed visuals… Photos! And some of these photos had to be of ME! I needed to attempt to capture who I was and what I was about. At some point I knew that I was going to have to build a collection of photos of myself because eventually (hopefully), people would want to actually see whom this woman was that kept blabbering on about her health achievements and aspirations.

And the best person I could think of to make this happen (and the ONLY professional in her field that I could ever do this sort of thing with) was none other than our family photographer, Penny from Portraits by Paj! She had the talent and the sense of humour to carry me through this, plus she’d seen me in my ‘Mombie’ state during our earlier newborn photo sessions… There was nothing to hide with this lady!

Hmmmm… Costume Changes… Anyone done this in broad daylight with only an umbrella to save you?

I had it all planned out… I had my props at the ready, wardrobe packed (straight from my closet! Lol!), I knew where we would set up, the different scenes, it was all written down in precise order, and the whole lot was to be completed within a specific timeframe. We organised a date and away we went! Everything was smooth.

The first set of photos were done and dusted (Penny truly is a talented young lady – she knows what she’s doing and thank the stars for that, because I DID NOT!). But the day most surely did not finish without some (A LOT) of laughs! Here’s why…

Notice the uncomfortable "I'm not sitting in poo" pose,
as I try to look deep in thought (not poo).

Some shots required looking pretty while sitting in duck poo, some required a struggle through waist length grass (because I had a really big urge to hug a particularly beautiful, and particularly difficult to reach, specimen of a tree), some shots were begging for me to prance freely in front of onlookers (and their children) with an oversized bunch of balloons (children who probably really wanted those balloons… really bad), and then there was the completely necessary challenge of making all of this happen with each appropriate outfit… And… Brace yourselves… Here we go… NOTHING TO HIDE BEHIND to change into these outfits! Say WHAT? Whoops! A BIG GIGANTIC WHOOPS on my part! How could I have forgotten the fact that my dignity had to remain intact after this whole photo shoot thingie thing that I had become so obsessed with, that I would not even think about that small but very important factor involving possible nudity in a public place? I think that’s illegal too…

Now you know why the kids wanted these balloons!

I FORGOT that I would actually have to change in and out of my different outfits… In a public park… In the mid morning… Where people (like myself) went for casual strolls… With their families… Bright eyed and bushy tailed…. And NOTHING to hide behind while I did it! I think I was the one bright eyed and bushy tailed! Oh. My. God!

So here we were, me wriggling madly under and over shirts and skirts, and Penny waving around a big pink frilly umbrella, humming tunes to try and look inconspicuous! The biggest and best laugh I’d had all week… Someone should have taken a photo of THAT scene (who knows, maybe they did!). I tell you, Penny truly is a champion. Nothing phases this girl and she will try anything to get a good shot!
It was funny, a lovely older lady strolled passed (who was obviously intrigued by all the commotion) and asked what we were working on… She saw the disheveled look on my face, shared our humour and enjoyed a cheeky laugh as well. I think that’s exactly why she stopped by! I just love making people smile… intentionally and accidentally…
I nearly cracked a sweat though on the third change of clothes, when Penny hastily announced that a group of bicycle riders where making an entrance stage left of us… Well I’ve never moved so quickly in my life!

Another scene was of me holding my hands out to a pair of swans drifting by on the water… I’m pretty sure Penny was waiting for a swan to swipe a finger (and to snap a still frame of that as well).

We took some really great pics at the end of the day, and I look forward to showing the rest of them to you as time goes by. I’ve got a great list of blog posts to come that will find a home for most of these shots… I can’t wait!

All I can say is, thank you to Penny for making these moments as light hearted, delightfully amusing and ‘G-rated’ as humanly possible! Lol!

Honestly, Penny is my number one photographer and I have no hesitation in telling the world about her expertise. If you admire Penny’s style and you don’t mind a good laugh during what could otherwise be a standard ‘pose and go’ turnout, then please go ahead and view her image gallery at Just like her persona, her photography is just beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak behind the scenes of the “Initial Official Nourish Me Whole Heartedly Website Photo Shoot”.

And I hope you got a good laugh out of it too!

Much love to you all,

Candice! Xx

Had any funny moments you'd like to share? Everyone loves a good laugh... Please make a comment!

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